Stud Males - Surtierra Shadow

Surtierra Shadow has had a significant influence on our herd. He was bred by Glenda Bartlett of Surtierra Alpaca Stud in Victoria, we are very grateful to Glenda for selling him to us in 2014 when we visited Australia. He is a large male who exhibits great substance of bone, a deep body, wide hips and broad chest. He moves with a fluid motion and displays high fibre coverage and excellent presence. The fleece that Surtierra Shadow grows is a deep true black colour and that is extremely uniform in colour. Each staple contains densely packed super fine fibres that are bright, soft and uniform in micron. The growth rate of the fibre is also high which all adds up to a very high yield of very fine black fibre. 
Surtierra Shadow is a very important sire as his pedigree is full of highly influential black sires in Australia. These genetics are sought after the world over and to have them wrapped up in one elite black sire is a real blessing. Shadow is the father of Redens Agamemnon and grandfather of 2022 BAS National Black Male Huacaya Champion Redens Dynamic. Surtierra Shadow is jointly owned 50/50 with Inca Alpaca.

Fleece samples from 3 of Shadow's cria

females are the foundation of our herd 

We have bred and selected an excellent group of black female alpacas to form the core of our herd since 2009. We choose strong females with good frames and a set of fibre traits that complement our stud males to produce beautiful offspring.

Black Females are the core of the Redens herd

Our original females were bought from EP Cambridge, Inca Alpaca and Fowberry Alpacas. These females have had more than 160 cria at Redens

Females with impressive pedigrees


We are delighted with the quality of our young males sired by Surtierra Shadow and EPC Stormcloud

Potential Stud Males