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Alpacas first arrived in the UK during the mid-19th century, primarily residing in zoos. Queen Victoria even had a small herd! However, keeping them healthy proved difficult. Real progress in alpaca ownership wouldn't happen until the 1990s.

These fluffy friends hail from the high Andes, a vastly different environment from the UK. Enthusiastic animal lovers eventually discovered the key to successful alpaca ownership in Britain: replicating the mineral-rich diet of their homeland through supplements. Additionally, while alpacas can tolerate most UK weather, persistent cold rain posed a problem. Providing proper shelter during harsh weather became crucial.

A Booming Industry Down Under and Across the Pond

The 1980s saw the establishment of alpaca herds in Australia and the United States to kickstart local fibre industries. Today, both countries boast thousands of alpacas farmed for their fleece. These nations have made significant strides in improving the quality of their breeding stock, resulting in superior fibre.

From Zoo Stock to Thriving Herds in the UK

The UK's first privately-owned alpacas were actually surplus zoo animals, forming the foundation for early herds. However, breeders quickly recognised the need for substantial imports from Peru to establish a viable domestic fibre industry.

The Quest for Quality: From White to Black Alpacas

Breeders soon grasped the importance of superior fibre quality. This led to the import of elite alpacas from Australia, the United States, and their native Andean homeland. Initially, the focus was on white alpacas. Later, breeders saw the potential in improving the fleece quality of other colours, ranging from fawn through brown, grey, and ultimately, black.

In the past 15 years, breeders like Redens Alpacas have made significant advancements in black alpaca fleece quality. Historically, black alpaca fibre was coarse and fell short compared to other colours. However, dedicated breeding efforts have yielded black alpacas with exceptional fleece, making them a valuable addition to the UK alpaca industry.


black alpacas bred with the finest pedigrees

We have bred and selected an excellent group of black female alpacas to form the core of our herd since 2009. We choose strong females with good frames and a set of fibre traits that complement our stud males to produce beautiful offspring.

Black Females are the core of the Redens herd

We have birthed about 300 alpaca cria at Redens Alpacas since we founded the herd with elite females in 2009

Females with impressive pedigrees

Our females give birth in the warmer summer months from June to early August. Here they are in early February looking magnificent in their developing fleece which is shorn in early may. 

Pregnant Female Alpacas