We sell and breed black alpacas that are noted for their friendly nature, the softness of their fleece and being easy to handle. Situated in a beautiful peaceful location South of London on the edge of the Sussex Downs in West Sussex our alpacas live in an excellent environment.
We pride ourselves on the support we give to new alpaca owners to ensure they understand what it takes to look after alpacas so they thrive and have lovely lives with their new owners. Our herd of around 140 alpacas is recognised for it's success in the show ring and the quality of alpacas that we breed.

We sell halter trained pet males once they reach 18 months of age that are castrated and love being around people. We also sell breeding females and stud males to those who wish to breed beautiful alpacas. All our alpacas are used to frequent interaction with us from birth. After birth we weigh them frequently to monitor their growth, so that when we halter train them at 6 months of age they enjoy the experience. As they grow they get used to working with us as we do their regular husbandry so that when we breed and birth them they are a pleasure to handle.

We are Passionate about breeding beautiful black alpacas

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