We have focused on building a female herd with outstanding genetics and ensuring they are cared for in the best possible way. Nutrition plays a very important role in the care and development of Redens females as we want them to be in peak condition as they develop and grow their cria. In the months prior to birth the foetus is developing it's primary and secondary fibre follicles with correct nutrition playing a major role in the subsequent density of the alpacas fleece. We have proved that by combining good husbandry, excellent genetics and a thoughtful approach to nutrition we have a developed a female herd that produces both beautiful and advanced progeny giving us one of the finest black alpaca herds in the UK. 

About Redens Alpacas

We are especially pleased with our females, over 120  are black with a few fawn and brown. We have put a great deal of effort into choosing and breeding these and believe we have some of the finest black females in Europe.



We are delighted with our cria born in 2017. 8 girls and 24 boys several of whom have the potential to be stud males with fibre that is sub 20 micron and low SD which is very pleasing for blacks. We also have a few outstanding dark cria.

2017 cria


It is particularly pleasing to note that many of our 2017 Shadow progeny have finer fleeces than shadow did when he was a cria. Shadow went on to win best black alpaca fleece at several shows including the 2015 Australia National



We strive to have peaceful and easy to handle alpacas. This has been achieved this through frequent gentle handling.

friendly and relaxed


impressive pedigrees


Our herd have impressive black pedigrees showing their Australian and Peruvian origins