Pet Boy Alpacas For SALE

Whether you’re a seasoned alpaca breeder or a first-time owner, we offer a diverse selection of registered, healthy alpacas for sale. Our offerings include the below friendly pet boys. All our alpacas are carefully bred complementing sire and dam to try to produce a cria of a certain colour, conformation, fleece quality and temperament. Of course when breeding alpacas it is more an art than a science so we can never be sure what to expect and of course all cria are all registered with the British Alpaca Society, ensuring their pedigree and traceability. As passionate alpaca breeders, we go the extra mile to support new owners, providing comprehensive guidance from pre-purchase consultations to ongoing care advice. Our halter-trained, castrated male alpacas are ready to provide interest and companionship, making them ideal companions for families and individuals alike.

Discover the enchantment of alpacas at Redens Alpacas—where elegance meets tranquility. Explore our beautiful alpacas for sale and find your perfect match!
If you are interested in buying alpacas from us, please contact us to arrange a visit to our farm and meet our alpacas in person.