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Shearing Done – Happy Alpacas

Yearling Boys – Nigel looking at the results of his work – Fleeces bagged and ready for clients – 

Hard to believe its a week since shearing and couldn’t have been better timing due to weather becoming very humid and warm. The top photo is of our yearlings after shearing and moving into a new paddock, what a sight and joy to see how happy they look. New shearer for us this year was Nigel Wood and his assistant Callum, from New Zealand, they were brilliant and we enjoyed having them stay for a couple of nights and hearing alpaca stories from all over the world! Nigel did 120 on day one and then on day two with just 7 to do we had a late breakfast and Nigel was away by 11:00 in time for me to watch the Royal Wedding. Weather was perfect, fleeces all bagged up graded and weighed for our customers.  Still cant believe how small the alpacas all look and now we have the problem of working out who is who especially the yearlings as we don’t use ear-tags!  Separated the yearling boys and girls and just in time going by how large some of the testicles are!!!!!  Two days later we TB tested the whole herd, so much easier for the vets to take blood without thick fleeces on the neck. That also went well, we took blood from four of our older boys for plasma in preparation for birthing which should start around 16th June and finish 16th August,  35 expected this year. Fingers crossed that we are as fortunate as we were with last years birthing with all 32 birthed cria growing into healthy yearlings. Although we did have to give plasma to four after testing their IgG levels and finding the passive transfer had not been successful. Looking forward to some clients coming to hopefully watch a birth which will give them some confidence for when they have their own births next year.  So many gorgeous cria on facebook now looking forward to posting ours very soon.