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So it is officially Spring

Weanlings enjoying their first snow

Mothers of weanlings

So this is spring and what do we get here in West Sussex SNOW! Nothing like up North but for here more snow than we have seen for years. Challenging times for everyone but more so when you have animals. Its the frozen taps and no water that is the hardest part,  buckets of water three times a day to 125 alpacas gets tiring to say the least but when they are tucked up in the barns at the end of the day with fresh hay, food and water we can relax and enjoy the evening after a hard days work.  I have not enjoyed tripping over solid mole hills covered in snow and had a few flying in the air leaps, don’t know where the swear words came from!!!!! The insulation of the fleeces so obvious with snow on their backs but definitely soft southern alpacas, all waiting at the gates pleading to be let into the barns!