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Pleased with 2017 Cria

Boys, boys, boys – 24 boys and  only 8 girls born in 2017. Never had so many boys versus girls before but we are so pleased with the quality of these boys. All under 20 micron and several under 18 micron with dense beautiful fleeces. Shadow is beginning to have a real impact on our herd and we delighted that quite a number of these cria have better fleece statistics than their dad. We have never had potential stud males of this quality before. We will see how they get on in the show ring but regardless they are such an improvement from when we started almost 10 years ago that we are just delighted with the way our breeding programme has worked out. With two new stud males coming from Canchones in April we are in a great place to choose the right male for a particular female based on history and what we need to achieve.